Migrate git to new Server

After more than 3 years the old git server is migratet to a new one. At the old git serve we startet with with gitea-1.11.6-linux-amd64 and migrated all the way up to forgejo-1.20.2-0-linux-amd64 wich is also the fist Version on the new server.

digital ocean screenshot, droplet age 3 years

The new Server is an debian 12 droplet also on digitalocean. Before the registraion will be open again the server will be checked. Also the backup solution will be updated. The old droplet is offline right now and will be deletet soon.

The setup of the new git server can be seen in this git repo.

If this post is online, also the actions are running again :)


The SSH Port 32222 is now disabled.

Last update: 2023-08-12 23:44:08 +0200 +0200