NTFY (Testing)

ntfy is an open source push notification service for android, ios and your laptop. You can send notification from any service via http or mail and recive it on your phone, computer, via mail or as phone call.

Test Modus!


This instance of ntfy support the following features

Send Notifcations via Mail

You can send notifications via mail if you just use the E-Mail address $ If you send to a private topic you need to provide a token send the mail to $topic+$ for that. For more information take a look at the offical documentation for mor information.

Get Notification via Mail

Pass an X-Email in the API-Call to create the notification. There are limits to how much E-Mais you can send, you need to have an accoutn and contact the administrator for a bigger limit.

Phone Calls

Phone Calls costi money so the default limit is 0. If you want to use this feature you need an account and contact the administrator.

If you have an active account you can validate phone numbers in the web-app. After this you can add a X-Call header to the notification you send and provide a number which should be called.

The phone calls will be come frome +14069644242

Android Push

To use Android Push Notifications over Firebase you need to use this unsigned apk. It is recommended to use the version from the playstore or fdroid

Last update: 2023-09-29 00:06:00 +0200 +0200